Senior Class of 1954

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Patricia Adams
"There's mischief in those eyes."

2.Priscilla Adams
"Modest, sincere and sweet."

3.Ronnie Aderholt
"Sunny hair and sunny disposistion."

4.June Atchison
"No one could have a sweeter more sincere friend."

5.Sue Atchison

"Why talk, when I can listen."

6. Pat Badgett

"Modesty is a shining light."

7.Bob Baggett

"A charming woman is one who notices me."

8.Fred Bauer
"Love thy nieghbor, especially if she's a blonde!"

9.Larry Beadle
"You'd think he's quiet, but oh, brother!"

10.Jon Bechtold
"A Casanova if there ever was one."

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