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C.T.H.S. Class of 1954 Reunion Picnic

These pictures were submitted by Pat (Bond) Phelps

From left to right Pat (Bond) Phelps, Mar Ann Minton Nollman, Marilyn (Sprehe) Howell and Pat (Botner) Simcox.
From left to right are Dorothy Coleman (red dress), Barbara (Long) Linder in Crochet Vest and Bob Baggett's wife Corrine.

Left to right Pat (Botner) and Jim Simcox and Glenda (Sanders) Meizer in Brown Slacks.
From left to right Mary Anne and Bruce Phillips and  Kim (Phillips) Randolph, daughter of Bruce Phillips, and Linda (Fogleman) Kalkbrenner.
Left to right Bill Doan, Pat (Adams) Jones with back to picture, Vincent McMenamy and Jerriann (North) Whitehead.
From left to right Carolyn (Carlson) Young, Vincent McMenamy, Patty (Adams) and Dick Jones.

Left to right Barbara Crain and Patty (Adams) Jones.

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