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Senior Class of 1954 page 9

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Sondra Jupin
"Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody know."

2.Jeanette Kavanaugh
"Tall, timid, and oh so quiet, but if she sees a man how she sighs."

3.Pyllis Knolhoff
"Pep, vitality and fun all rolled up in one."

4.Richard Koelling
" His many friendly ways, send many sunny rays."

5.Roger Koelling
"I'll have a hot time in the old town tonight."

6.Flora Lane
"Ready, willing and able, with her typewriter."

7.Barbara Langenfeld

"A joyous round, first stanza."

8.Jane Langenfeld
"Same round, second stanza."

9.Chuck Laughhunn
"Me thinks life is just a bed of roses."

10.Nannette Lee
"Gone to Kansas City."

11.Bob Lenzini
"It is an honor to be called his friend."

12.Gene Lieber
"The life of the party."

13.Fred Linkon
"My only books were women's looks, and folly's all they taught."

14.Barbara Long
"Sweet as a rose."

15.Charles Mahan
"The strong silent type."