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Class of 1954  page 6

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Pauline Edwards
"Nice things come in small packages."

2.Bob Eggers
"Girls are a man's best friend, I know"

3.Sharon Elifritz
"Sweetness personified."

4.Geraldine Eller
"Nothing on her mind but yelling and Larry."

5.Leroy Elliott
"Quietly he goes his way without having much to say."

6.Jerry Ellis
"Who, me?"

7.Reavis Erwin
"He is shy and quiet

8.Jane Fehrmann
"With baton in hand I floor the boys."

9.Hilda Ferguson
"In my merry Cadillac."

10.Bill Fester
"He's got 'em but does he use 'em?"

11.Lowell Fisher
"Will he ever run down?"

12.Maxine Fletcher
"A friendly smile goes a long way."

13.Linda Folgelman
"Don't say anything; she may start laughing again."

14.James Foltz
"Golf is my game."

15.Faith Fowler
"Being pleasant comes naturally."