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Senior Class Picture

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Pauline Copple
"A cute smile and a sweet personality."

2.Margaret Cox
"Let's dance, Malgie."

3.Barbara Crain
"The people's choice."

4.David Cross
"The Quiet Man."

5.Nancy Davis
"A cute gal and a pleasing personality; what more could you want?"

6.Shirley Davis
"A flirting smile, but her heart belongs to only one."

7.Wanda Debow
"The world of music is at her fingertips."

8.John Dekalb
"Some buddy for some body."

9.Bill Doan
"Always a good fellow."

10.Shirley Dodillet
"When they called out "brains", Shirley was first in line."

11.Marilyn Douthit
"Short but mighty."

12.Marscudine Downey
"I find one fault in being tall; if you trip it's a long way down."

13.Saundra Ebbs

"Blue slips, anyone?"

14.Ronnie Edmondson
"Don't trouble me with women."

15.Jerry Edmundson
"To worry little, to study less is my idea of happiness."