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Senior Class Pictures page 4

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Shirley Castleberry

"Silence is golden."

2.Shirley Chambers
"She has charm, she has grace, a lovely smile upon her face."

3. Dale Clanahan
"Anyone for a Dairy Queen?"

4.Bill Coates
"Curly locks' with a gift for living."

5.Lena (Border) Cole
"The sweet Mrs."

6.Dorothy Coleman
"Dorothy leaves you with that forget-me-not impression."

7.Janice Coleman
"Quiet? Don't be too sure of that."

8.Lois Conley
"She's a charming Bonnie, but all saved for Ronnie."

9.Sue Conner
""Dig that crazy artist."

10.Emelie Contos
"Dark hair and roving eyes."

11.Larry Cooksey
"What more could a girl want?"

12.Carolyn Copple
"A nicer girl you've yet to meet."