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Senior Class of 1954 page 15

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Lora Timmons
"Pep, personality, fun, all rolled up into one."

2.Sarah Vaughn
"Some people are remembered for the things they didn't say."

3.Paul Virobik
"If I can't argue I won't speak."

4.Eddie Wagner
"Give me time."

5.Millicent Webster
"A charming Miss with a charming manner."

6.Shirley Whitchurch
"Why can't the world have more girls like Shirley?"

7. Larry Wilkinson

"But this is no time to study."

8.Rea Williamson
"Be happy while thou livest."

9.James Winkler
"Beware, I may do something sensational yet."

10.Sammy Wright
"Curly locks-isn't he cute!"

11.Walter York, Jr.
"All work and no play may make me a dull boy."

12.Shirley Yount
"Our future prima donna."