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Senior Class of 1954 page 13

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Dick Richards
"Napoleon was small too."

2.Shirley Roberson
"Bashful? Don't be too sure!"

3.Phil Rodenberg
"Always out for a good time."

4.Horland Rothemeyer
"He's got what it takes-only where?"

5.Marian Rittenhouse
"You'll really like her."

6.Glenda Sanders
"If all the boys lived over the sea-what a swimmer Glenda would be!"

7.Marilyn Sanders

"She's calm and collected, and never dejected."

8.Theresa Sassorossi
"Dark and flashing eyes."

9.Jeanette Schnute
"Most do it in four; she did it in three."

10.Carol Ann Schottman
"No sweeter girl in all the world."

11.Jerry L. Schuchmann
"I study if I feel like it, And won't when I don't, I'll pass if I can, And if I can't, I won't."

12.Patricia Schwartz
"Always quiet, always pleasant."

13.Phyllis Sessions
"I don't say much, but I get around."

14.Ronald Shaw
"Why be serious when you can laugh, especially in the library."

15.Joe Simcox
"Time will fly, but not I."