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Senior Class of 1954 page 12

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Nancy Phelps
"A cheerful smile, twinkling eye, she greets each one as she goes by."

2.Pat Bond Phelps
"Rings on her fingers."

3.Phyllis Philipp
"Flip is the gal with lots of wit; with her it's never time to quit."

4.C. Bruce Phillips

"Nice guy, that Bruce."

5.Doris Fern Phillips
"You see her, you greet her, and you won't forget her."

6.Robert J. Pollard
"If it's electricity your're yearning to know about, then ask Bob; for this he goes all out."

7.Tom Pollack
"The cute Cat, nicknamed Pat."

8.June Poninski
"Cupid's dart stuck in her heart."

9.Kathleen Potter
"A laugh, a dash, and then a crash."

10.Alen Prosise
"More fun than a barrel of monkies."

11.Beverly Queen
"Tell me lovely lady, where is your throne?"

12.James Edward Rebstock
"Tall and bashful."