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Senior Class of 1954 page 11

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Jerry Mitchell
"Paradise: my car, a girl and plenty of food."

2.George Morris
"He's casual inhis own way."

3.Dale Murray
"Billy Eckstein the second."

4.Duane Niekrenz
"A blonde boy in the band."

5.Mariann Nolta
"She sings like a bird."

6.Jerriann North
"Am I hearing telephone bells or wedding bells?"

7.Clifford Offutt
"Tall and cute, oh so neat, which really makes him quite complete."

8.Jerry Orrison
"Gentlemen prefer blonds; I prefer girls."

9.Nathan Parks
"Well girls---here I am."

10.Tom Pawlisa
"Love those wavy locks."

11.C. Richard Peifer
"No work, all play makes for me a happy day."

12.Aubrey Pettis
"A right nice guy."