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Senior Class of 1954 page 10

from the yearbook of Norma Bundy Turner

1.Nina Malan
"Tall, modest, and blessed with brains."

2.George Marcum
"His smile sends darts through women's hearts."

3.Donald Martoccio
"Look for me at the gayest place in town."

4.Ronald Martoccio
"I'll be there too."

5.Velma May
"The quiet Miss with a pleasing way."

6.Pete Mayoral
"He may not be tall, but oh how dark and handsome."

7.Connie Melton
"She has melted some male hearts inher life."

8.Glenda Meyer
"The brightness within and the brightness of her hair reflects her personality."

9.Mary Meyer
"Sweet in manner, sowing good deeds, kind o' girl a high school needs."

10.Bob McBride

"Happy am I, from care I'm free.  Why isn't everyone contented like me?"

11.Bob McGown
"Watch out girls! Don't trip over his line."

12.A. T. McCrary
"There is no charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament."

13.Vincent McMenamy

"Just call me Vincent the Menace, in a game of table tennis."

14.Alice Mifflin
"Alice in Wonderland, please tell me where Boyland is?"

15.Mary Anna Minton
"This chick's full of tricks."