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Class of '54 - 40th Reunion


Welcome Class of 1954

September 9, 1994
Meadow Woods Country Club

Dinner Dance:
September 10, 1994
Meadow Woods Country Club
Cocktail Hour
6p.m. - 7:30p.m.
7:30p.m. - 9p.m.
9p.m. - 1a.m.


Cocktail Hour

A.T. McCrary

Victor McMenamy


Introduction by Master of Ceremonies
Larry Cooksey

Glenda (Sanders) Meizer

Merlin and the Meriettes
Merlin Johnson
Barbara Crain
Wanda (DeBow) Bailey
Mariann (Nolta) McDonal

Door Prizes
Vincent McMenamy

(DJ - Expressions)

40th Reunion Committee
Centralia Gang

For this reunion the committee did not have the traditional chairman and committee.  We all did a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and some a large bit of that.  Following is a list of the committee and a brief breakdown of all the bits, both little and large.

Duane and Helen Niekrenz - treasurer, music, decorations, photographer; carried a large box full of 1954 class information to every meeting.

Norma (Bundy) Turner - reservations, decorations, booklet, any mistakes in the booklet made by the computer.

David and Arleen Cross - decorations, worked with printer on booklet; any mistakes in booklet made by computer.

Jane (Fehrmann) Edmonson - decorations, kept check on what Helen and Duane did with all the checks; never offered to carry large box.

A. T. McCrary - head joke teller, decorations, said "no problem" on an average twelve times per meeting.

Gerry (Eller) VanZandt - wrote letter #1, decorations, menu, "balloon lady", whoops, sorry, "balloon person".

Suzie (Shreve) Sprehe - decorations, menu, laughed most at Fred Bauer's stories.

Pat (Stonecipher) Kuhn - wrote letter #2, dedication page, decorations, bought all the lovely gifts with our lovely money.

Barbara (Long) Linder - our May Queen of 1954 and the perfect choice to give out our door prizes at the picnic, plus she laughed at everyone's jokes.

Fred Bauer - an "out-of-towner" who, when in town, came to our monthly Thursday night meeting at The Green Grill.  The experience changed the color of his hair.

Millicent Webster - "in-town" instigator, publicity, coordinator at large, used telephone a whle bunch.  Favorite phrase, "Do we have to pay tax?"

Other members of the "Centralia Gang" who started with us but could not always attend the meetings were:

Dorothy Coleman
Dale Cook
Shirley (Davis) Yuhasz
George Marcum
Mary Anna (Minton) Nollman
Roger Sutherland
Doris (Johnson) Dearing

The "Out-of-Town Gang"

Pat and Dick Jones - "out-of-town" instigators, decorations, "tracer of lost persons".

Marilyn (Sprehe) Howell - "out-of-town" instigator, decorations, "tracer of lost persons".

Glenda (Sanders) Meizer - memorial, memorial page, decorations.

Other "tracers of lost person" - Carolyn (Carlson) Young, Phyllis (Philipp) Tolliver, and all the anonymous classmates who helped with names and addresses.


Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Southern Illinois, Inc.

Ron Barrow
Lora Timmons

Norma (Bundy) Turner - Magnets handcrafted by and courtesy of Norma.

Mickey Sprinkle
Bill and Phyllis Doan
Kim Randolph
The Green Grill

A special thanks to all who attended the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1954 and helped make it such a great success!